Anti-Slip Coating

About Travelator Anti-Slip Coating

Accident Reduction Initiative 3

We provide a slips & accident reduction initiative for autowalks and escalators. Many of our customers’ autowalks are situated near car parks, which when raining brings wet shoes into and on the step pallets, causing slipping incidents and sometimes accidents. Many sites will have floor mats to try and combat the wet weather but they do not stay dry for long after a heavy downpour.

This is where our R12 Anti-slip compound can help reduce this type of incident on your autowalks

The Process:

After a thorough deep clean with our Juma travel 600 step cleaning machine, all of the dirt, oil and grease is removed to ensure a sound bonding. Once this is completed the pallets are then keyed for even greater adhesion. Then three coats of our R12 anti slip compound is applied to the treads of the step pallets. Once dry, this gives a minimum R12 grip in wet situations to reduce slipping.

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Travelator Step Cleaning

Most conventional cleaning machines are not up-to the task of deep cleaning large travelators. Many simply do not have the power or capacity to carry out a deep clean of this type. Our machines are the only machines capable of tackling these size travelators.

Full Step Refurbishment Programme

A total escalator step refurbishment with a tough powder coat finish. When your escalators are in very poor condition, ESD can provide total step refurbishment to return steps to ‘as good as new’.

Yellow Safety Demarcation Painting

After completing a thorough deep clean to allow a proper adhesion of the paint, we spray the yellow demarcation lines to the edge of the escalator steps, to either match existing or in the choice of your preference.

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