Another challenging job this time at Network Rail, but our technicians as usual brought this machine back to life, by carrying out a deep clean of the step band and repainting the safety demarcations to help reduce incidents on the escalators. All of these types of works have to been done of out trading/opening hours, but with the process we use and the specialist type of paints we also use which is super tough and fast drying paint, the escalators are ready to run again within 2 hrs of application for foot traffic use. We recommend the escalators are then NOT cleaned for at least 30 days until the paint is mechanically hardened, and that thereafter only the correct type of cleaning machinery is used such as a Cimex X46 with soft nylon brushes – this the only escalator cleaning machine we recommend to use as other systems such as sponges are dangerous in the wrong hands or machines that double up as escalator cleaning machines which then only dump dirty water straight into the escalator truss and can cause damage to the internals of the machine, which can be quite costly to repair. If you want to enhance the look of old escalators and improve the safety on your escalator machines or travelators with new safety demarcations please get in touch via our contact page and we will be more than happy to come to site and quote you directly. Once an initial deep clean has been carried we can then offer a periodic maintenance cleans at much reduced costs to keep well on top of the newly deep cleaned escalators which will enhance the look of the escalators year round. We cover the whole of the UK and Ireland and can be contacted on 0800 1952265 or directly on 07811956113 for an immediate response