Step Cleaning

About Travelator Step Cleaning

Most conventional travelator cleaning machines double up as floor cleaners and are not up to the task of deep cleaning large travelators. The German made Juma Travel 600 is the only machine capable of deep cleaning, safely & effectively.

The compact Juma travel, 600 cleans travel as quickly thoroughly and close to the edge when the travel is an operation.

An optimum cleaning result is achieved thanks to the special counter-rotating brushes, combined with a patented extractor unit.

The powerful integrated extractor unit prevents detergent dripping into the travelator shaft & electrical and mechanical systems, and thus enables safe gentle cleaning without leaving any residue.

Safety first. Other cleaning systems such as sponges that are pushed against the moving step band into the mesh combs, can have a snatching risk endangering the user, this would not pass our stringent risk assessment.

The Juma Travel 600 is built with safety in mind. With its self levelling head to ensure the right amount of pressure is applied for the deep clean, this along with the ability to lock the machine onto the entrance plates, enables us to ensure a safe method of cleaning at all times.

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    Escalators are notoriously difficult to clean properly. Conventional cleaning machines are only able to clean the top of the steps, leaving dirty front risers and oily black ‘tram lines’ on each step beneath the brush guards.

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    After completing a thorough deep clean to allow a proper adhesion of the paint, we spray the yellow demarcation lines to the edge of the escalator steps, to either match existing or in the choice of your preference.

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