And it’s time to get cleaning again.

I hope that everyone has been safe & well during this pandemic? At ESD we have been fortunate that we have had no reported COVID19 illness within our group of companies, but I know some people have not been so fortunate, and our thoughts best wishes go out to them and their families.

As of 4th July we are able to book hotels again, so we can now travel the whole of the country to carry out cleaning works at all of our clients sites to ensure they have cleanest escalators possible and instil confidence through the aesthetics of the machines that they are safe to use – Grubby escalators wont do! For our part we will we be adding additional hand rail cleaning at no extra charge to all sites.

As a considerate and safe employer we have obviously put in place is COVID19 training and Risk assessments for our technicians on top of our normal RAMS to ensure not only ESD staff work and keep a safe environment but also your staff as well. The additional COVD19 Risk Assessment will be sent along with our normal RAMS.

So in lieu of hotels opening again we will be taking bookings very shortly and be contacting customers whose sites were due for cleans from the end of March onwards to arrange access, work permits etc, or bring forwards cleans for sites who need them.

For now please stay safe, and we will be contacting you shortly.

Kindest regards

Michael McAuley, Operations Manager, ESD.

Travelator Step Cleaning