Lime Street: Escalator cleaning to ensure that the new yellow safety demarcations adhere to the steps correctly. By carrying out the tread deep clean to remove all dirt and any oil or grease from the surface, this will ensure a sound bonding of the paint to the aluminium step. All of our works on any railway stations are all completed out of hours due the the train timetable as we still have the public that on site until the last train leaves the station. All cleaning & painting works are then completed in a precise and well organised way to ensure the escalators are ready to be used by the morning foot traffic normally around 5am. The paint we use is a super tough and fast drying application which gives us the confidence of knowing exactly how to plan the works for a site specific task. Once applied the steps are touch dry in 20 minutes, and ready for foot traffic after 2 hrs. At Lime street station this is a proactive safety initiative to help in the reduction of accidents on escalators, we have clients who have reported up to a 60% decrease in incidents after the safety works were completed. Along with the yellow safety lines we also offer Blue Safety Feet where you would have a lot of incidents at a site, by having both of these safety initiatives you are doing almost everything you can to avoid accidents on escalators.

  • Yellow demarcation lines show step movement.
  • They guide passengers away from escalator edges.
  • We can match existing lines or apply new lines to suit requirements.
  • Can be applied on any make of escalator regardless of age.
  • Along with the deep cleaning, this process will enhance the look of your escalators.
  • We also offer discounted rates for additional escalator maintenance cleans to keep up the new high standard of appearance.
  • All work is done out of hours.
  • No escalator downtime.